Getting More for Your Investment: Continental Kennel Club

August 25, 2017
With Continental Kennel Club, dog owners are better able to experience an extraordinary relationship with their canine companions. That’s because CKC does what it can to provide everyone, including club members and the general public, with the educational materials they need to do exactly that. Continental Kennel Club provides its members with a greater value, while they maintain exceptional customer service standards.

What that means to members is, the good people who run Continental Kennel Club will never, ever stop until each and every member’s needs have been met. They have an absolute commitment to providing assistance to all dog owners, so they feel empowered to meet the goals they have for themselves and their canine companion or companions. Unlike many such organizations, they provide a lot more than registration services. They also provide the best possible canine educational and training resources, as well as all of the practical resources they need to accomplish everything they ever imagined with their dog. That is true, no matter what your goals are. Whether you want to want to train a show dog or you just want your dog to behave better, Continental Kennel Club can help you.

Packages Unlike Any Other from the Continental Kennel Club

January 17, 2017
In addition to tips and services, becoming a member of the Continental Kennel Club gives you access to packages unlike those of any other canine community, breeding community, or pet store. These packages that are offered for purchase include products such as 30-day free trials for pet health insurance by PetFirst, All-In-One Microchip Kits by Microchip ID Systems, dog tags, training books, materials and lots of other valuable resources that have become must-haves for many dog owners and breeders alike. The Continental Kennel Club works tirelessly to make sure their members have access to the best products and packages. Sign-up and find out what you could get for your dog today.